New OmniChat features

January 12, 2022 - 1 min read

The new OmniChat version offers you an exchange video option and the creation of customer profiles.


With the new year, we introduce new OmniChat features. OmniChat for Jira Service Management as cross-channel support for customers enables easy two-way communication via WhatsApp and SMS. Our customers come from different industries, from finance to transport, so we try to listen as much as possible and improve OmniChat based on their experiences. 


What’s new?

Customer profile

With the new OmniChat version, project administrators and agents can both edit and create customer profiles.

customer is a person who makes a request from your service project. To create a Jira Service Management customer, only a customer email is required. However, to create an OmniChat customer, you need some additional information:

  • Display name (full name)
  • SMS or WhatsApp number
  • Customer note

To provide all the relevant information for agents, we added an overview of all created issues with their status. (Jira Service Management converts customer requests into issues for agents to work on.) This provides a complete customer profile in the Issues view with display name, customer note and a list of issues created.



What we had before was numbers saved as customers, while with the new app version, agents have an option to change that number with a name.

Also new in the profile is a customer note. Agents can make internal comments or notes about the customer of up to 255 characters.



Showing it is much easier than explaining it. We already had the option to share pictures to speed up conversations and improve resolution time. With the new OmniChat for JSM version, both customers and agents can send videos of up to 15 MB to explain and solve the problem faster. 



Ready to integrate texting into your customer-to-business communication and take your customer support to another level? OmniChat for Jira Service Management will help you build more personalized communication with real-time messages. 

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