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WhatsApp and SMS integration with Jira

OmniChat developed by Evolutio powered by Infobip. Get the free trial to explore the platform using SMS. To enable WhatsApp and Viber, please contact our Sales Team.


OmniChat as simple as 1, 2, 3


Get your OmniChat account

You will need to download Omnichat on Atlassian Marketplace. You can also book a demo to see how OmniChat works

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Create Infobip account

The next step is to set up the integration between OmniChat for Jira Service Management and Infobip account. You will need an Infobip account in order to use the API
Get your Infobip account


Enjoy OmniChat

90% of WhatsApp and SMS messages are read within a few minutes of receipt
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Watch OmniChat in action

Customer engagement starts with a personalised conversation. The global leader in omnichannel communication is ready for Jira Service Management.
  • OmniChannel communication

    Engage with customers on their preferred communication channels by enhancing the customer experience through personalized and contextual communication with SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber at every touchpoint of the customer journey.
  • Real-time customer engagement

    Engage your customers in real-time and answer their questions, resolve potential issues and learn more about your customers' expectations in a relevant, timely, and personal way.
  • Exchange images via WhatsApp

    While support agents usually have the writing skills, nothing beats showing the customer what to do. Improve your resolution time with the world’s most used chat app.
  • Solve problems faster with video

    Showing it is much easier than explaining it. Customers and agents can improve their communication by sending videos of up to 15 MB.
  • Create OmniChat customers

    By creating customer profiles, agents are always informed and ready to answer any customer inquiry. They see all the issues created and can even add notes for other colleagues.
  • Automate the process of keyword register

    We use keywords to filter out specific messages that come in under a specific number. To save you the configuration process, we 'll do the background magic. You just need to select an existing one or create a new one.
  • Keep the communication polite and OmniChat clean

    Prevent abusive customers from creating a ticket or continuing the conversation by blocking them or numbers if they are not part of the customer base.


Meet OmniChat

Reach your

Jira Service Management has in the past been limited to communication via email and helpdesk. Together with Infobip, OmniChat came to life allowing omnichannel communication through WhatsApp, SMS, and Viber to be integrated into Jira Service Management

Build meaningful customer relationships

Advance your customer relationships to meaningful, personalized and contextual messages - on the channels they prefer.
“ In an era where Software companies are anonymous and hide from their customers behind emails and websites, Evolutio exceeded my expectations and the OmniChat for Jira works perfectly. My deployment went from stalled to rollout in one week. Thank You!! “
Peter Brown
Happy OmniChat user

Hi, can you help me?

OmniChat is a communication game changer for Atlassian Jira
Service Management users. Enabling your business to reach
customers on their preferred communication channel.
Customers can raise requests and send feedback via WhatsApp, SMS, and Viber. OmniChat is created to improve agent and customer experience, the solution delivers real-time communication over the world's most popular chat app WhatsApp, SMS or Viber.

86% of customers say they would pay more
for a better customer experience - Survey from Total Consumer

90% of consumers are more likely to
purchase more at companies with excellent
customer service - Hubspot

68% of users agreed that WhatsApp is the
easiest way to connect with a business - Hubspot

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